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When You Give a Girl a Mom

My mom and I have not always had the best relationship. Growing up, I was a nightmare of a child to say the least. I was mouthy, stubborn, and didn’t listen worth shit. Whatever she told me, I would do the opposite. Whatever advise she had to offer, it was going in one ear andContinue reading “When You Give a Girl a Mom”

Small Victories

I recently finished an eight week long workout program from start to finish. Please, hold the applause. Yes, I did indeed pay for an entire year to workout in my living room, with no one to breathe in my sweaty armpits but my dog. This was something that I have been pushing myself to doContinue reading “Small Victories”

Living with Luna

First of all, if you can verbally state to me that you’re “not a dog person,” I am automatically going to assume that you’re a psychopath, and you should leave this blog immediately. Now, if you’re a normal, functioning human being with the rationale that dog is man’s best friend, then you may continue furtherContinue reading “Living with Luna”

Dodging Sunday Scaries

*Deep breath* Well Sunday, here we are again. Its 7:30 PM, the Monday morning feeling is setting in, and I am regretting all life decisions that have led me to this moment. Last week was a shit show to put it in the nicest way possible. I was tired, the kids were tired, I cried,Continue reading “Dodging Sunday Scaries”

Tick Tock

Everyone has that one thing that makes them tick like an exploding time bomb. That one thing, that is maybe so subtle to the rest of the world, but drives you up a wall. I just so happen to be special enough to have several things that make me cringe. Subject number one – eyeContinue reading “Tick Tock”

Shake That Booty

What are you passionate about? What are you good at? What is your talent? Your interests? What drives you? Gives your life meaning? What fills you with so much fire and passion that you just can’t help but share it with the world? My answer – um, anxiety and over analyzing situations?.. I often findContinue reading “Shake That Booty”

Size 2

Now, we are all aware of the unspoken group of women who have secretly purchased some bullshit detox tea from China in hopes of the magic over night affect of a tinier waist, and somehow a perkier booty. You guessed it, I am a member of this secret society, and GUESS WHAT! I waisted $50Continue reading “Size 2”