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4 Tips to Getting Back to Reality

Hey ya’ll! Its been a hot second! Basically it was March, and I blinked, and now it is time to go back to work.. Please pray for me. Back to reality if you will, because this gal is heading back to school. Elementary school for the 2020-2021 school year, and you know, i’m not sure if i’m happy, excited, anxious, or basically a cluster f*ck of every emotion I have ever felt in my entire life. It’s fine. If you’re in the whirlwind of what is left of education right now, you know that nobody knows what they’re doing, every plan goes out the window, and showing up on time with your new stylish mask might be the best thing you do for awhile. Again, please pray for me.. So, if you’re a planner, like myself, I have been “planning” just about every ridiculous element of my environment that could possibly make my life easier in any way, shape, or form.

Being the wonderful person that I am, I thought I would share these planning tips with any person who takes the time to read my writing. *Greatly appreciated* Let’s hop to it kiddos!

  1. Fill your Amazon cart with “necessary” items – My reasoning here was “If everything else is going to shit, at least my desk will be cute AF!” I got my necessities – A planner, a desk calendar, some new pens, a fake plant, a file organizer, some fancier pens.. that write SUPER nice, a flip book of inspirational quotes, a coffee tumbler, a very unnecessarily large water bottle (gotta stay hydrated).. you know.. the necessities! After checking out, I felt absolutely better about life and my preparedness for heading back to work.. well, my desk anyways!
  2. Organize and clean the f*ck out of your house – Donate, throw out, give away, slap a free sign on it and set it out on the curb! Whatever you want to do to get the unnecessary shit out of your house, I don’t care, get rid of it. You will feel sooooo much better getting rid of your first training bra from 6th grade thats been stuffed in the back of your sock drawer for the last 15 years now. GoodWill will be very appreciative, trust me. After you rid of the extra baggage, you can thoroughly clean your life up with dish soap and water since the world won’t allow us to find Lysol wipes unless it’s on the black market.
  3. Update your wardrobe – So, I have been working out for about eight months now.. I know.. please hold your applause, i’m as shocked as you are. But last school year, going to work, I was not the most comfortable in the professional attire that made up my closet. Could it have been the extra few pounds there.. probably.. but, my goal this year was to look damn good and be damn comfortable! Emphasis on the COMFORTABLE. Now, this step is crucial AFTER you complete step two, because now, you cleaned out your closet and have reason to replenish! See how this works? My work clothes haul came exclusively from Kohls, Old Navy, Amazon, and TJ Maxx. EW! AND a hot pair of flats off the clearance rack at Walmart – Sales and Clearance racks are also an absolute must! Happy shopping!
  4. Re-plan out your schedule – This might seem completely ridiculous, but girl, I have been home since like the 2nd week of March. That is like 5+ months people! I have completely reworked my life to a point where I actually really like it, but hey, girls gotta pay for that dog food.. and treats.. and an excessive amount of toys.. I have had time to take Luna to the dog park, I get up whenever, I go to bed whenever, I made tons of wooden signs, I workout whenever I want, I can cook anything for lunch, and I am just about out of series to binge on Netflix! Wow. Writing that all out is really depressing me.. but anyways, I need to restructure myself back into society. I will tell you, my loyal readers, that my goal is to get my ass up in the morning and workout BEFORE I go to work.. there, it is in writing. I have also started working on a calendar of what I am going to make for dinner each night of the week, because that shit is TOUGH! No one tells you that deciding what you’re going to make for dinner every night for the rest of your life is going to be one of the hardest to-do’s in all of your adulthood existence. Again, adulthood – highly not recommended.

I hope that these tips help some of you that are transitioning back into reality like myself have a smoother start. I know that these are the main things that I have been doing that help me feel mentally prepared as much as I possibly can. Now, my sleep schedule – that is a whole different beast, and I don’t recommend staying up past 10 PM on a work night writing a blog post about making life easier.. but that is just me. I will also keep you all posted on the working out before heading into work for eight hours.. For the last time.. please pray for me.

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