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Quarantine: Day 2

You don’t realize how lucky you are to be able to get up, go to work, and interact with other human beings, until you spend 48 hours at home, with no one to converse with other than your Fiance’s cat, that you have no doubt will one day kill you in your sleep. So far I have forced the dog to cuddle with me, watched mindless TV, totally crushed Solitaire, and pretty much avoided all real responsibilities. It is like I am on my own private island. Let’s not discredit the fact that I started a new in-home workout program – boxing. Now I can contribute my lack of motivation to the fact that I can’t even sit properly to go to the bathroom – my legs are destroyed. Whomever thought doing squats with weights for 3 minutes straight was a good idea – I will find you, and I will remove of you.

On a lighter note – I received a reassuring email from my supervisor stating that she technically can’t force us to complete our paperwork at home, although if our boredom lead to it, it would probably be a wise choice. Have I completed any paperwork yet? Um, no. I feel as though the pressure is not high enough yet, plus I haven’t even caught up on This is Us yet, paperwork I would say is a little lower on the priority list – there is always week two of quarantine for that.

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with being stuck at home alone all day. I am grateful for the extra time to reset my mental heath, as well as check off some major to do’s from my never ending list – but, on the other hand, I am only on day two, and already going stir crazy! I feel like I have begun a new game of SIMS where we have skipped the tutorial, and my player is aimlessly wondering around with no idea of what the hell is going on.

Being confined to your house really escalates your desire to leave your house. On a typical day, I would have absolutely no problem planting my ass on the couch catching up on my favorite Netflix shows. But, since I skipped the COVID-19 game tutorial my desire to go to T.J.Maxx is through the roof right now. Sitting here staring at my decor-less walls for days upon end – the At Home store is basically calling my name. Same with Dunkin Donuts – I have plenty of over priced coffee to go around, but my desire for an extra large thin mint latte is at an all time high.

As day two is winding down, there is two things I know for certain. 1. My sleep schedule is already f*cked. 2. My Fiance is praying to God that he doesn’t get put on house arrest having to deal with me for the next week with no one to save him. Will we make it out alive? Will my paperwork get completed? Will I clean my house? Will I lose my mind? Stay tuned for day 3!

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