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Secret Obsession

Well readers, the time has come to let one of my best kept secrets out from the cage. I have given you a glimmer into my everyday life, my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, but I have left out one tiny life obsession that gets me through each week with some sense of fulfillment – ALDI. Let me spell it out for you. A.L.D.I – write it down, yes sister, we are talking about a grocery store. But, not just any grocery store, ALDI has everything you could ever imagine! Need produce – go to ALDI, need toilet paper – go to ALDI, need a fort to hid your kids in for 3 hours- go to ALDI. I’m not kidding you THEY HAVE IT ALL! Let me share with you my weekend ALDI routine that gets my shit together before all hell breaks loose Monday morning.

Step one – Make a nice, steamy cup of expresso coffee, plant your ass on the couch, and make that list. I am telling you, planning out 4 to 5 dinners a week, what healthy bullshit you’re taking in your lunch, and how many boxes of Lucky Charms will get your man through the week, you will feel pretty much like a goddess walking into the greatest store known to man.

Step two – put on a bra. This is a classy store ladies, no one wants to see your melons when ALDI has perfectly good grapefruits in isle two for 50 cents a piece – put them away.

Step 3 – The quarter. Another prime example why ADLI is a class act. If you’re unaware, to utilize a shopping cart, you will be in need of a shiny quarter. The quarter goes in the cart, as it unhooks your cart from the other carts in stock. The purpose of this? To keep those runaways in check, obviously you will need your change back for your next ALDI adventure and will have no business letting your buggy you spent a whopping 25 cents on run ramped through the parking lot. This simple way to keep civilians in check also allows for “paying it forward” moments. That cute little old lady walking across the parking lot, ready to get her ALDI on, of course I will give you my cart for free – happy shopping!

Step 4 – Don’t forget your bags! I am notorious for forgetting my ALDI bag collection at home, only to remember as I am pulling into the parking lot – and I wonder why I have so many. If you’re new to the ALDI lifestyle, you will need to get into the habit of keeping your bags in your car, unless you enjoy apples rolling around your trunk like a box of milk duds. It’s not always super convenient, but part of the reason ALDI’s prices beat out other competing stores, is because they don’t have to spend excess money on providing bags at check out. I don’t know about you, but I will take the cheaper chicken thighs over free plastic bags.

Step 5 – The isle of shame. There you are – organic produce in cart, off brand girl scout cookies in hand, and all of the sudden you turn past the dog food right into a black hole of deals and random shit you didn’t know you needed. Right smack dab in the middle of the store lies the ALDI isle of shame. You don’t just wonder through with one item in mind, this particular isle tells you what you need, it speaks to you if you will, and let me tell you – this isle has spoken to me more often than not.

While I may be just a bit bias, ALDI has honestly saved me money when looking solely at shopping for my grocery needs. It provides me with solid organic, healthy options at prices that won’t break the bank. I won’t lie – there are a select few items that unfortunately, I can not get at ALDI, such as my shampoo, body wash, etc., although they do carry these items, I just prefer a different option not sold in their store. Now, looking at the items that called my name loud and clear – I am now the proud owner of couch covers, a bookshelf, a decorative shelf/lamp combo, a dog bed, a scratching post, a storage milk crate, meal prepping containers.. I think you get the gist – I may have a problem. Look at it this way – all the money you save on groceries allows for the awesome items you never new you needed! If all of these amazing qualities wrapped up into one store doesn’t persuade you to add ALDI into your shopping routine, you obviously don’t believe in the potential of the items you might find in the isle of shame. So please people, grab your quarter and add ALDI into your life – you won’t regret it.

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