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Dodging Sunday Scaries

*Deep breath* Well Sunday, here we are again. Its 7:30 PM, the Monday morning feeling is setting in, and I am regretting all life decisions that have led me to this moment. Last week was a shit show to put it in the nicest way possible. I was tired, the kids were tired, I cried, they cried, I made a few of them cry.. you get the point. So, this Sunday I didn’t just need to reset, I HAD to reset. Since starting my first big girl job, I have really grown into my Sunday routine. Having set routines, and writing lists are really how I grab my life by the balls without having a mental break down at the end of every work week. So let me tell you just how to grab your Sunday by the balls and hopefully suppress the scaries just a little bit.

Tip #1 – Look ahead at your week. Plan ahead. I can’t stress this enough. Get yourself a planner, write the important shit down, and be on top of it! No one is ever happy when things sneak up on them, especially work related outings – please give yourself adequate amount of loathing time to be pissed off that you have to go/do this work outing that your attitude will not piss someone else off at that said outing. You’ll thank me later.

Tip #2 – Plan out your meals. Now, I would label myself a “semi-healthy” eater. I am by no means a 100% clean eater (I highly enjoy carbs, and alcoholic beverages), although I try to get in my greens and beans in each day. That being said, I would absolutely fall off my semi-healthy little wagon if I didn’t plan out my meals at the beginning of each week. Make your grocery list, buy your fruits and veggies – eat them before the bag of spinach mutates in the refrigerator, and do the prep. Sure this can be time consuming, makes a ton of dishes, and most certainly interrupts my ass to couch time, but during the week, I absolutely thank myself.

Tip #3 – Self-care. Do it! Read a book, move your body, drink your favorite coffee, take your dog for a walk, take a nap, do a face mask, DO SOMETHING FOR YOU! It is so important to take a moment for yourself to just breath. If you’re always so wrapped up in those around you, whether it be work, family, your to-do list, you’re never going to be able to regain the momentum to keep going. So, take that moment, even it is just for 15 minutes – you deserve it.

These are just some of the key things that get me through the Sunday scaries that poop me out as a semi-functional human being for the new week ahead. What do you do to get through the Sunday scaries?

One thought on “Dodging Sunday Scaries

  1. Not a 25 year old Gramma, an 80’s +, have after all of these good and bad/sad years, yep, I’m pretty much a Gram that has learned a lot, has turned my entire rest of my life to Jesus!! Do pretty much follow the advice of a 25 year old Gramma!!

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