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Shake That Booty

What are you passionate about? What are you good at? What is your talent? Your interests? What drives you? Gives your life meaning? What fills you with so much fire and passion that you just can’t help but share it with the world? My answer – um, anxiety and over analyzing situations?.. I often find myself wondering “what if not everyone in this world has a.. thing?” If I were to be asked in an interview right now “what is your talent?” I would first, have a mini panic attack and begin profusely sweating, and next, make up some bullshit answer like “knitting.” At this point in my life, with all of my other old lady habits, knitting would honestly not be far from the truth. I am, let me tell you, really good at napping. I know, I know, hard to believe, but I am telling you, if napping were an Olympic sport, I would be bringing home the gold. In all seriousness though, can someone lead me in the direction of the talent store? Although, Hobby Lobby has taken quite a bit of my money, I still have yet to receive my “Hobby” in the mail. Throughout my life, I have wondered the path of trying this sport, going to this Girl Scout meeting, and i’v definitely had my share of go arounds with the hot glue gun, but no matter how much glue I use, nothing has stuck. So, here I am – 25 years young with nothing to show for it. Sure, I have a 5 year college Master’s degree in teaching kids how to talk, but when I come home at night, ready to unwind, my Fiance just won’t seem to let me correct his mumbling for fun. For a long time, I blamed my parents for letting me quit everything that I tried, or passive-aggressively telling my mother that she is the reason I am not a professional back up dancer for Jason Derulo. Her and I both know she is totally not the reason I am not shaking my booty at the Super Bowl half-time show, but it was easier to point the finger then for me to really dig down deep to find what I am passionate about. What I have come to terms with over the last few months is that sometimes to find what you’re good at or have a roaring passion for – you need to step out of the nicely cushioned box that you have tucked yourself into and see what happens. For me, that required a padded suit, a helmet, along with a bottle of Tequila to start writing this blog. It’s safe to say that its been 5 days and i’v shed a few layers of padding, but I assure you – I will be keeping the Tequila on hand for quite some time. As I continue to hopefully shed a few more layers, I encourage those of you who have not yet found your “thing” to keep searching – you too can one day shake that booty, even if it’s just in your living room.

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