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Size 2

Now, we are all aware of the unspoken group of women who have secretly purchased some bullshit detox tea from China in hopes of the magic over night affect of a tinier waist, and somehow a perkier booty. You guessed it, I am a member of this secret society, and GUESS WHAT! I waisted $50 AND my ass is still in the same spot. You see, as a child I was super active. I went from one season to the next, straight up until graduation day with the teenage girl mindset that my size 2 male figure was much to large. Um, yeah. You read that correctly.. and then I went to college. Freshman 15 full steam ahead! Sure, I tried to utilize the huge salad bar conveniently located next to the dessert buffet, but you all know personal waffles absolutely outweigh salad. Don’t forget about the “Free” access to the campus rec center, oh hell yeah! But, you know alcohol, studying, crying in between lectures, those important aspects that make up the well-rounded college student really took up a lot of my free time. Fast forward to January 1, 2020. Hung over, full of greasy New Years Eve food, and as per usual – constipated. Story of my life. Another New Year sneaking up on my unfit ass with the idea that I will most likely join the YMCA up the street for a steal of a deal – $1 down. I will then proceed to pay $30 a month as I fill my Pintrest page with adorable workout outfits from my couch. Well guess what bloggers, I got my shit together sister! I have now been working out from the comfort of my living room for the last 7 weeks getting that tinier waist and lifted booty. Look out Indiana County – I will be rocking the dog park this summer with my perfect pooch and enough confidence to wear that stringy tank top – clearly I am Wonder Woman. Let me give you a glimpse into what this process really looked like from day 1. Lots of swearing – LOTS of sweating – and LOTS of meal prepping. My first thought – Who the hell wants to measure out their daily food intake with colored containers you would find in a Kindergarteners lunch box. I’ll tell you who – me. Throughout these past 7 weeks I have been suppressing the tiny sabotaging voice in my noggin saying “girl, you hate working out – go eat that ice cream!” I’m not going to lie – I ate the ice cream – more than once.. but, girl I am f*cking doing it! I am embracing the journey. I am embracing the cravings, the sweat, and the tears. So, let me welcome you into my new secret society. One where you embrace the journey, embrace the difficult, and embrace the change – I am accepting all applications with open arms and $1 down. I hope to see you there.

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